Who We Are

Our mission is three-fold:

Preach.  Teach.  Connect.

Preach – First, we will go into the fire of this lost world and preach the Gospel to every creature.  This means that, as we are commanded by Jesus Himself, we conduct Search and Rescue (SAR) missions and try to affect the rescue of souls, with the help of the Holy Spirit.  Using Gospel tracts, video cameras, food, and anything else that we think can draw people out, we witness to a lost and dying world.

Teach – Second, is to teach others to be effective Spiritual Firefighters.  Using our experience (evangelism, missions, agriculture, education), motivation (we get to preach!) and collected audio/video data, we teach people to be effective Spiritual Firefighters – in other words, “missionaries” – as they seek to save that which is lost…(Matt 18:11) Whether church groups or home studies, whether on a farm or on the street, we are preparing missionaries (indigenous American and global minded missionaries), for the proclamation of the Gospel.

Connect – Finally, we are using this website as a hub for witnessing activity in Colorado.  By linking like-minded ministries, we are able to assist others with the charge of the “Great Commission.”  If you have plans to go out witnessing in your town, let us know and we will put you in contact with other indigenous missionaries in your area.  Further, if you would like to host a Way of the Master class, or the Spiritual Fire Academy, we have people in your area who can put the class on for your church, or Bible study.  Please feel free to look at our calendar and find dates for opportunities to go out with our street evangelists and learn how to start and carry conversations with the lost.  We always welcome more people who are obedient to the call! Finally, if you are interested in training to be a full time missionary and becoming a part of our Watersource Missions Farm program, contact Christine Bauerc.bauer@watersourceministries.org.

We are joining with great modern evangelists like Paul Washer and Ray Comfort, in their effort to see the name of Jesus Christ proclaimed among the nations.  Would you join us in the Eternal Fire Department?  Will you be obedient and “preach the Gospel to every creature?”


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