Zombie Crawl

Every Evangelist looks forward to this time of year. Pumpkins being carved. Candy and caramel apples. The Lord delivering people in desperate need of the Gospel right to your door. Large numbers of people gathering in one place to act like they are the living dead and to receive the Gospel from the aforementioned Evangelists…what a wonderful holiday, right?

In Ft Collins, we will be going out as a team to preach to the annual attendees of the Ft Collins Zombie Walk. The Lord, in His sovereignty has decided to place all of these lost people in one location and with one thing on their mind – death. And we get to use it to talk to them about the ultimate statistic – 10 out of 10 people die – and what comes after death. Because it will not be a zombie apocalypse…it will be judgment at the hands of the ultimate righteous standard and standard giver.

Halloween season is a huge opportunity to talk to those who have not Christ. They come to your door and will take Gospel tracts with their candy. They will be in large parades of people who dress up like the walking dead, just for you to have the opportunity to talk to them about what will happen when they really die. For the Evangelist, this is like hunting season with a captive herd. Will you take advantage of the opportunities the Lord has arranged for you?

If you are in Ft Collins on October 21st and would like to join us in reaching the lost, we will be in Olde Towne square (on the south end) at 6:45PM to pray and start preaching at 7PM. We are planning on staying out til around 11PM. Depending on how many of you are going to be out there witnessing that night, we are going to set up a couple of distractions for the would-be zombies.

First, we are going to have Einstein out there and we may do him up as zombie too… We are going to have a board with all the celebrity million Gospel tracts and let people turn their favorite celeb into a zombie. And finally, we will need a volunteer to lay on the ground under a sheet so that we can have a “dead body” on the ground to spark the open air preaching that we will be doing. Nothing says we will die and stand before a Holy Judge like Zombie Night! And the beauty of it is that the Lord will put all these people focused on death in one place to hear the Gospel!

Whether you are able to come out with us, or you are simply answering your door for trick-or-treaters, don’t pass up the best time of year for Evangelism – when they show up at your door…and give them not tricks and treats, but give them the message that will transform their lives – the Gospel!